September 2012

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Out of the Ordinary Festival goes Over The Moon

We all had an amazing time entertaining and performing at the newly named 'Over the Moon' Festival last weekend, 14th/15th/16th September over in Hailsham.

Fire performer Fairy Katie produced an amazing fire performance with Poi Passion on the Saturday night, where our Fairy Godmother and Fairy Bee were 'water goddess'' in the opening act, children's entertainer and circus star Fairy Toxi performed with her fire hoop, fire dancer and children's entertainer Fairy Lily tried with all her might to steal the limelight fire dancing, and it all came together with no one setting themselves on fire, so bonus! Fairy Lily and Bee also decided to create a mobile disco with Steps music in the woods, this was turned down by the hippies quite quickly, some people have no taste......

video of the fire show last year - see if you can spot Fairy Katie and Fairy Lily amongst the rest of the rabble!

Click here for their website and to book tickets

Located just behind the Knock Hatch Adventure Park:

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Niamh stars as Annie
Last month our young fairy helper Niamh starred as 'Annie' in an amazing production by Ariel Company Theatre Group and got a mention in the paper! We just had to share.....

Follow this link for the article

Childhood Star - Our Fairy Toxi
We all have to start somewhere, a lovely and not at all embarassing video of our Fairy Toxi as a young star - see if you can spot which one she is....

(Toxi - diddy girl at the back with cute plaits)

Brogan and Poppy turn 5 at their fairytale party
Children's entertainer Fairy Lily Lou was very excited to entertain at this party, as there was not just one beautiful birthday girl but two!

Both Brogan and Poppy looked magical in their party outfits and using their special magic word sweets appeared from nowhere! As well as locating Fairy Lily's lost sock which is always useful........

All the guests had fun dancing, playing games and helping with the magic - during sleeping lions Poppy used Fairy Lily's old trick and hid under the curtain - luckily Brogan and all her friends managed to find her in time for the huge party tea!

We all had so much fun entertaining at your fairy party in Haywards Heath we didn't want it to end.

Thanks so much for inviting Fairy Dust Events to entertain at your party.
Much Love
x x

Rainbow's Disco
Glitter disco entertainer Toxi arrived at Bow's 8th birthday party and immediately loved her stunning blue satin dress that was adorned with sparkly jewels all down the front.

First the very important task of party make overs which included more glitter than Tinkerbell can shake a wand at, followed by multi colored hair sprays as each guest arrived. Toxi was amazed at all the special dance routines the guests created and during the end every one was clapping and cheering especially for the impromptu break dancing! One bouncy chap could even flip backwards!

We all rushed outside to find a ice cream van had arrived specially for Bow's party giving out huge ice cream cones with a chocolate flake for everyone. After all that ice cream we paused the dancing and Toxi painted temporary tattoos on everyones arms, as well as some special face painting.

During all that fun Toxi had no idea that her lift to and from the party had accidentally lost her car in the nearby car park.....but she arrived on time and Toxi was dragged away after having an amazing time entertaining at Bow's birthday party.

Thanks so much for having Fairy Dust Events entertain at your party.

Much Love
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