October 2012

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Holbrook Halloween Family Disco
Possibly one of the best nights of the year over at Holbrook, everyone gets into the spirit of the evening and there are spooky costumes everywhere, although once again Lily is not fooling anyone into thinking her purple fairy dress is scary, better luck next year, Lily.... But then behind the decks we're nicknamed him 'Scary Dave' and he seems to have come dressed as a muggle. No prizes there.......

It seems ever since Lily juggled eggs over Nasty Nigel's head at the Easter Holbrook's Got Talent he makes a speedy disappearance everytime it's time for the talent, and tonight was no different, we may have to start calling him Scaredy Nasty Nigel at this rate, but the kids were stupendous as ever at the 'mummy game' winning us those all important points towards our sweet-o-meter (that someone still needs to make......) and we stormed through the final challenge of the 'Gangnam Style' dance routine thanks to the help of an amazing girl who took over after Lily failed badly, you might want to watch your job there Lily the kids are better than you now!

Well done to everyone for winning the sweets and to the special awards for best boy and girl dancer, and the best dressed for Halloween. Another amazing night!

Much Love
x x x

Hangleton School Spooks and Sparkles Disco
We were chuffed to bits to be invited back to entertain at yet another of Hangleton School's spectacular discos! Lily and DJ Carl got out their best lights, music and spooky costumes ready for an evening of dancing madness, with a touch of sparkle.

Children's entertainer Lily wasn't scaring anyone in her purple fairy dress so it was on to the song requests, flavour of the month was One Direction, who were also the favourite last disco as well, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity for some scary Thriller, Ghostbusters and Monster Mash. Lots of the children even knew the routine for Thriller which won loads of prizes!

Scary faces were the name of the game at this spooky party, and there were certainly a lot of those....

Thanks so much for inviting Fairy Dust Events to entertain and DJ your school disco party, we had a great time!

Much Love
x x x

Disco'ing it up in Hove.
Children's entertainer Toxi arrived at Malley's 8th birthday party and her mum had transformed the conservatory into an amazing disco room!

Malley, her sister and best friend were the first to be treated to their special glitter make overs then as the guests arrived coloured hairsprays and glitter were the first order of business, with extra green just for Halloween....(oooh that rhymes!)

The parachute was so big it covered the whole room so we turned it into a circus tent for a spectacular group photo with big grins all round.

Toxi was rather naughty as lots of strawberries were served for the birthday tea - Toxi's favourite! She may have had a little nibble..... before the Hello Kitty birthday cake came out and everyone sang beautifully!

After the amazing dance show it was time to go home and Malley's mum had made special party bags for everyone including a scented pencil and a mushroom rubber, Toxi had to promise not to try and nibble on those.....

Thanks so much for inviting Fairy Dust Events to entertain at your disco party, we had a great time!

Much love
x x x

Jessie's magical Winchester Party
After expertly helping at her sister Nellie's party previously Jessie decided she wanted her own special fairytale birthday party, and what a party it was!

Children's entertainer Lily flew into Winchester and had an amazing time with Jessie and all her friends, thanks so much for inviting us to entertain at your party.

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x