October 2013

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Halloween Upgrade Deal

Book a Silver Party Package anytime from Monday 7th October to Halloween (October 31st 2013) and have it upgraded to a Gold Party Package with all the trimmings!

Ok, so technically this has nothing to do with Halloween but you could book a spooky party if you wanted too, or maybe the saving is just too darn scary for another time of year.... Moving swiftly on, whatever the occasion we are upgrading any Silver Party Packages booked before 31st October 2013 (that's just BOOKED, you can hold the party years from now if you really wanted) to our Gold Party Package. This applies to our Fairytale, Glitter Discos and Circus Parties - check out the details here: http://fairyparty.co.uk/acatalog/Parties.html.

What do you get extra? Well, not only do you get everything from the Silver Party Package, you also get a facepainter and a photo is taken of the party group, printed out and given to all the children before they leave - how great is that?! Different parties include a few variations for the Gold parties so check if you're not sure what extras you'll be getting but we always think, all freebies are good freebies - and everyone loves to be upgraded!

Just email us and mention the deal and we'll automatically upgrade your party from Silver to Gold. Want a really special Diamond Party instead? Well, just because you asked so nicely we'll do these for the same price the Gold party was - so technically upgrading you even more!

Click here to email us or call us on 0800 433 4618

This deal does not include our Last Minute Party Deals - sorry!

Isabelle's Disco 'Hoop' Factor Party

Disco host and entertainer Lily still can't stop talking about how much fun she had at Isabelle's disco party! Not only did everyone rock their routines with the hula hoops but the panel of judges put the ones on the telly to shame - especially with the audience participation! But only one group were good enough to win the special trophies that will surely be treasured forever. Or at least until they deflate....

Dance routines were all amazing and Isabelle was the perfect hostess, (with some help from little sister Kaitlyn who is very experienced in our parties having had one for her birthday already) and with all the dance routines, parachute games, makeovers, hooping and prize giving our Lily slept very well that night.

Thanks for having Fairy Dust Events host your disco party - we had a brilliant time!
Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x
Disco party and entertainment in Storrington, Worthing

Jessica's Glitter Disco, with extra glitter.....

Fairy Lily and Louisa bounced over to Jessica's party in Eastbourne last weekend and had a proper glitter fest! Glitter makeovers, glitter hairsprays and glittery outfits will ensure Jessica's dad will be finding sparkles in his house for years to come.....

Whilst Jessica's mum giggled away (one of the loveliest mum's we've ever met!) Jess and her friends rocked the dance floor with more and more difficult dance routines and performances that left us amazed at their non stop energy! Afterwards we all went for a swim in the beautiful Koi Carp pond in the back garden with fish the size of dolphins! So much fun!

Thanks so much for inviting Fairy Dust Events to your party (again!) we had an amazing time and thanks for letting us fill your house with sparkles.

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x
Glittery Disco in Eastbourne

Ariel makes a splash at Alexa's party

How many Ariel's can you spot?! We had such an amazing time at Alexa's party last weekend, and we didn't care if it rained and rained as we were all set for swimming with our tails!

Lots of dancing (well flipping and flopping), games, magic and so many prizes we lost count - thanks so much for having us at your party, and for trying to get started the fairymobile after it broke down - Fairy Lily and Mermaid Ariel ended up having an impromptu balloon modelling competition whilst waiting for Prince Charming to come and rescue them.......

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x
Mermaid party entertainment in Horsham

Holbrook Halloween Special!

For what we worked out to be our 3rd year running, the Holbrook Club Halloween Disco was as busy as ever! Packed to the roof with Vampires, zombies, ghosts, pumpkins and all manor of scary creatures it was a spooky sight to behold - our favourite was the child seriel killer, covered in packets of cereal - brilliant!

Fairy Lily was back, but only spectating with her new bubba, Elsie, who promptly fell asleep after the first party dance and missed it all..... Toxi rocked the room and the kids had to work extra hard to impress DJ who was making good use of the brand new 'Sweet-o-meter' to show everyone how well they were doing and how close they were to winning those sweets!

The Sweet-o-meter was made by the very talented people over at 'Simon's Prop Shop' so check them out! Link to Simon's Prop Shop

New boy Dec even got in on the action and was roped into being mummy victim along with 'Orrible 'Arry in the special midway through game - that toilet roll could put the best to shame as it went on...and on.....and on......and on.......

We got some great pics and video which will be uploaded soon so watch this space!