November 2012

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Holbrook November Family Disco
Children's entertainer and dance instructor Fairy Lily was busy shopping for her advert calendar the day before 1st December, nothing like leaving it until the last minute, and thought how great it would be if she was allowed to eat all the chocolates at once, she's far too impatient to have one a day. So she thought this month's 'Holbrook's Got Talent' could be just that. Three lucky challengers would get the chance to see how fast they could eat ALL the chocolates in an advent calendar.

Turns out the fastest is around 6 minutes, and that was in date order. So with queasy smiles the challengers ended with the loudest applause we've ever heard from this crowd, and a very jealous Lily who just realised she now didn't have any advent calendars left.......

The points were won and the sweets were given out at the end by 'Not Quite So Horrid Harry' and Lily also wants to thank the grown up (she claimed to be under 13 but we didn't believe her....) who was her 'grab a grown up' at the end, as well as the mum who was so determined we played Gangnam Style (again) at the end that she took to the front and led us all in it's crazy dance.

Simply marvellous - see you next month at the earlier date for your Christmas Special Party!

Steyning School Firework Display
How long has this firework display been going on for and we had no idea?!

Balloon artist and children's entertainer Fairy Lily had the lucky task of creating balloon models for all the crazy kids that showed up, with their ideas getting wilder and more original by the minute it was a good job Lily had brough spare balloons! Keeping everyone warm and entertained before the big event and then bam! The fireworks were on!

It was an amazing display! We were maybe expecting a few fireworks and some oohs and ahhs but this was huge and all to dramatic musics, paced so well with a lull in the middle and then just when you were beginning to wonder if it was all over the cunning organisers then built up to a crescendo culminating in such an almightly bang it lit up the whole sky in all colours possible! Even Shoreham's own fireworks show scheduled for later that evening couldn't beat the amazing display this school put on!

We'll be back next year even if we have to watch through a crack in the school fence.....A blog post with this many exclamation marks must mean business!!

Thanks so much for inviting us to entertain at your amazing event, we had so much fun!

Much Love
x x x

Not quite the same as being there but amazing none the less!

Edie's Gold Fairytale Party Magic
Edie is one of our party experts now having been at her sisters parties beforehand and being granted the wish of one of her own fairy party! Children's entertainers Fairy Lily and Fairy Toxi were so excited to get to Edie's party and set up the facepainting section next to all the fancy dress clothes ready for everyone to play with when they arrived.

Once everyone was there in their favourite party costume or one of ours Fairy Toxi facepainted everyone and Fairy Lily got down to the serious business of playing games and winning lots of prizes, well, Lily tried to win a prize but the children were just too good at the games, and that Edie must've been practicing her dance moves as she won prize after prize!

After the party tea and all the games to be played everyone got to take home a picture of themselves at the end as a special treat, thanks so much for inviting us to entertain at your party, we had a great time!

Much Love
x x x x

Juliette gets a special fairy visit at her birthday party!
Children's entertainer Fairy Lily Lou flew in for a special visit to entertain at Juliette's 5th birthday party, but didn't realise just how magical the birthday girl and her friends were!

After getting into position on the spotty floor we all did real magic together and there was even time to do everyone a balloon animal before Fairy Lily had to fly off again into the blue skies.

Thanks so much for inviting us to entertain at your party and hope you had a great party tea after we left!

Much love
x x x

A lovely email received from Juliette's mum:
"I just wanted to say thank you. Our little girl had a truly wonderful and magical party and even more importantly, mummy got a half hour reprieve!
We will definitely recommend you to other parents."

Thanks again for your lovely comments!