November 2014

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Frozen Party Mania

We can't remember the last time we did a fairy party, That Frosty Frozen has truly taken over the party bookings like no other Disney film has since we started this company! I mean don't get me wrong, Sleeping Beauty has been a timeless favourite over the years, as has Cinders and Belle. We even had a nice flurry of Repunzel visits when the new film came out, which involved lots of fun hairstyles and flowers, but then Frozen appeared and ever since we had to create a Snow Queen dress in 3 days flat it's been Freezing Frozen Mania! We've even brought in special extras just to make it extra magical with a snow machine, frozen facepaints and singalongs (you can't have and Frosty Frozen party without a singalong!)

But it also has meant a lot of (unfortunately) shoddy companies have suddenly sprung up out of nowhere to try and cash in on the mania. We've had lots of people ringing up having been disappointed with their 'Frozen Party' from another provider that we have never heard of, who just swanned in, posed for some pictures, sang a song and then swanned out again. Great for quick cash but what are all the other children up to whilst this photo shoot is going on? And what about the children not interested in Frozen (there are still some out there, unbelievable though it sounds, mainly boys I will hasten to add!) what are they up to during all this swanning? At Fairy Dust Events our parties have always had the primary goal of entertainment first, we work hard to maintain Disney standards as our characters have to look and feel and act real, but they also have to be entertaining for all the children and so we are in no way connected to any Dsney characters, as ours are way more fun, that's what the most important element of our parties is - having fun!

So we'll only send out entertainers that already look like the characters to save any disappointment there, and all our entertainers are ready to provide as much fun and entertainment for all the children as we can cram into the time. We regularly send out extra entertainers even if not ordered if we feel the party will be better with two or more, as where is the fun in just sitting back and counting all your money if you haven't made a child's dream party come true? Sure, we probably don't make as much profit as most other entertainment companies but this is our world, and we love every sparkle, every smile and every look of wonder that we get.

I'm sure there are lots of lovely other entertainment companies out there, but if we didn't strive to constantly be better then that just wouldn't be us. There is always room for more magic.

Halloween and Fireworks Night

Our circus team were busy again this year with fire shows and circus skills at Halloween and Fireworks night.

We sent the fire dance team out with the amazing Lisa Sampson. hooping extrordinare, to one memorable evening at a lovely school in Lewes. They got to perform in front of a huge bonfire, it got rather toasty! They had to wait for the wind to change direction at one point for fear of being swallowed with the guy sat on top! Of course, Fairy Lily was in charge of setting up the camera so we could get the proof we worked with THE Lisa Sampson (keep an eye on Briatin's Got Talent this year....) and of course, Lily forgot to press the record button. But luckily Fairy Louisa was in the audience having finished her fairy party early and sneaking over the hedge (who's going to stop a fairy from sneaking in?!) and she managed to get some photos with her phone. If anyone has any other footage we'd love to see it!

Following this we thought we'd give Lily another chance, and so the next fire show she was again in charge of the camera. This time she forgot the tripod and had to boj a stand together involving a piece of the car, a modelling balloon, and a precariously balanced stand on top of a full water fountain. Thankfully this actually worked and after being reminded by Toxi to actually switch the thing on we have some good video of the show! I'll be editing this later on and attaching below.

Now we're all back in rehearsals for the pantomime which will be performed at numerous parties before Christmas (quickly book now and get a free tablet! Click Here ) as well as at our Christmas party on 20th December in Hove, if you haven't got your ticket yet be quick - they're running low!