May 2012

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Belle special visit
Our Children's Entertainer Belle arrived at a very special 5th birthday tea party and was a complete surprise for Phoebe, the birthday girl, who had sent Belle an invitation in the hope she may be able to visit.

Phoebe and her friends were so excited to meet Belle and were all dressed in lovely summer dresses. Phoebe was wearing a matching dress to Princess Belle and helped with all the magic as well as facepainting!

Parachute games followed by musical statues were so much fun and Princess Belle was glad the she had asked the fairies to magic the sunshine because it meant the girls could have a treasure hunt in the garden for when they had finished their birthday tea!!!

Thank you so much for inviting Princess Belle to your party.
Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Fire show at the Fringe Festival
If you weren't at the Level in Brighton last night (Sunday 27th May) then you missed out big time! Some of our amazing entertainers were performing for Poi Passion at their 'Relight My Fire' circus show spectacular! Our fire fairy dancers loved every minute.

Rus from Poi Passion caught the rehearsal on tape and managed to condense it down to a few seconds so enjoy the vid....

CircusSeen children's circus were on first and wow, were they a tough act to follow. Children unicycling, tightrope walking and all other manor of skills made their specially created alien circus show a sight no one will ever forget. It's a good job they don't spin fire yet or we'd all be out of a job!

Trying to forget about all the amazing spinners in the audience we went on with our choreographed show, starting with a special piece dedicated to our Samba teacher, Rosaria, who taught us about the dance of the gods - one for each day of the week.

Next up was the hands of 1000 gods piece which went without a hitch despite some people forgetting their gloves - those hands can get quite hot you know!

After came the fans piece and this was as beautiful as ever led by the magnificent Helena JupiterPassion. Onto a guest appearance by Hot Hoopin Jo Mondy, Andy, Beth, Michelle and Poi Passion's own Pixie Rach which filled the stage with gorgeous hoops of fire.

The staff piece choreographed by Mark Goddard and led by Rus and Nick spun the crowd into high spirits (see what I did there...spun....geddit?!) and hypnotised us backstage as well so we were nearly late coming on for Duma su Duma - the Poi Passion special!

Ethan performed his pole routine to looks of amazement from the crowd....and the rest of us..... before it was time for the finale with the hoopers, fire ropes, wire wool explosions and the best pyrotechnics we were allowed to have!

Thanks to everyone who joined us and we hope to see you again next year for an even bigger show!
Much love
Fairy Dust Events
For Poi Passion and Circus Brighton
x x x

Repunzel catches up with our 'qualified fairy' in Burgess Hill
Party Fairy:
Lily Lou
or 'punzy'

Our Repunzel made a special appearance at one of our special fairy's birthday party on Saturday! Olivia is a fully qualified fairy having been through our Fairy Academy last summer and showed us exactly how she'd been keeping up her training by winning most of the dancing competitions and games! We even managed to find the picture taken last year with Sleeping Beauty at our Summer Fairy Academy.

Fairy Lily loved seeing Olivia and her friends again (and spotted some other qualified fairies there too....) and hopes to see you again soon!

Much love and thanks for inviting Fairy Dust Events to your party.
x x x

May at the Holbrook
Children's Host:
Fairy Lily

Superstar DJ:
Killer Chloe

As normal we caused a riot at the Holbrook Family Disco last Friday! With old gal Chloe on the decks Fairy Lily warned the children they may have to speak slowly and loudly so that the poor girl could hear them........

After about five minutes of being asked by a kid for one thing, Fairy Lily thought she must be missing something here as the child failed to state what the one thing was she wanted. Lily then was informed 'One Thing' was a song by One Direction and hastened back behind the DJ box to hide her red face.....

The children were so amazing at dancing Chloe could barely reach to show them how far up the sweet-o-meter they had got, and with the magic show even Nasty Nigel was astonished as to the children's skill this week! We stormed up the sweet-o-meter and won all the sweets as week as well as the best girl and boy dancers winning special balloons - amazing night!

Looking forward to June!

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

St Wilfrids Fete Day
Circus Children's Entertainers/Instructors:

Circus Brighton was invited along to St Wilfrids for their special fete day and wow was it special! We loved the talent contest with so much variety we think they should've been on Britains Got Talent! Fairy Lily had to join in and did a fire demonstration along with all the other bits of circus equipment we were playing with. We did have to draw the line when the stilt walkers wanted to have a go on the climbing wall......

Many giggles, songs, dances, sweets, climbing, winning, icecream, circus skills, cakes and fun was had by all and we thank you for inviting Fairy Dust Event's Circus Brighton to your fete!

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
For Circus Brighton
x x x

St Anns Well Gardens Festival
Fairy Circus Instructors:
Fairy Bee
Fairy Lily Lou

Fairy Godmother Yvonne

Fairy Dust Events took Circus Brighton along to St Anns Well Gardens Festival on Saturday 19th May and we all had an amazing time! Our Fairy Godmother was kept busy all day painting faces, Bee and Lily were hooping away and having fun with all the adults and children that stopped by to learn a new circus skill. Even our Fairy Monkey came along to join in the fun!

Fairy Lily must've been eating her vegetables as all of a sudden she was over 8ft tall! We think she was getting tired of flapping her wings so did some sort of spell to get into the trees rather than to fly.....

Thanks to everyone who came down to play and for St Anns Well Gardens for having us and our big top tent.

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
with Circus Brighton
x x x

Lua has a surprise visit from a real fairy!
Fairy entertainer:
Fairy Lily Lou

The beautiful Lua had a very big surprise for her third birthday party as a real flower fairy children's entertainer came to visit! She waved her wand and after a week of rain the sunshine came out and Lua's mum transformed the garden into a magical enchanted fairyland for all the special fairies and pirates to play in!

After some special magic Lua and her friends managed to make the pirate gold appear and had fun colouring in Fairy Lily's book with magic. Then, when Fairy Lily had checked the children weren't going to fly up into the trees after a heavy sprinkling of magical fairydust, the children discovered the pirates had been in their enchanted garden and left all their treasure! Millions of golden coins were found all over the place and even better news - they had chocolate inside!

Fairy Lily then got down to the serious matter of facepainting and Lua and her special friends all trasformed into kittens, butterflies and all sorts before she had to fly off home.

Thanks so much for inviting Fairy Dust Events to entertain at your party!

Much Love
x x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Children's Party Entertainment since 2000

Jemima's Bank Holiday Fairytale Party
"Here's Lily-Lou with my two daughters - Jemima (7) and Milly (13). Lily-Lou was at Milly's 5th birthday party 8.5 years ago" Alicen

Children's Entertainer Fairy Lily Lou had to admit she felt rather old upon discovering the special birthday girl Jemima's older teenage sister also had Fairy Lily for her birthday back when she was 5..... My, doesn't time fly when you're a fairy! She soon put her to good use as a new party expert - every party should have a giggle of tween and teenagers around to help out, makes life so much easier!

The beautiful Jemima was certainly the star of the party, with her amazing dance moves she won about a billion prizes - but her friends were not far behind in the winning stakes, at one point Fairy Lily thought they'd have to go searching for large wheelbarrows to carry out all their prizes!

Thanks so much for inviting Fairy Dust Events to entertain at your party, we hope you don't leave it so long between visits next time!

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Party Entertainment since 2000

Lily and Katie join No Fit State Circus in Barricade.
Fire Dancers from Fairy Dust Events/Circus Brighton:
Poi Passion Dance Troupe

Our Fire Fairies were honored to join the No Fit State Circus in their Brighton Festival performance of Barricade Saturday night and so pleased the rain held off!

Our teeth were chattering backstage as we watched and waited for our cue. Upon lighting up our chains we were able to get the feeling back into our fingers and wiggled our toes in preparation to step onto that stage full of the most amazing trapeze, aerial, acrobatic, circus and clowning acts you have ever seen.

Thank you so much if you braved the cold weather and came down to watch, it was an amazing performance by the No Fit State Circus as always and we packed out Hove Park in true Brighton and Hove style.

Brighton Festival Barricade Link

Much Love
Fairy Dust Events and Circus Brighton
x x

Children's Birthday Party in Reigate, Surrey: Ana's 6th Birthday Party

Children's Entertainer Fairy Bee thought Ana's Mum and Dad were very brave parents hosting Ana's special 6th birthday party at home. With a huge living room for us all to jump around in Fairy Bee wasted no time in getting the party started with musical silly faces - and what a sight they were! Everyone did look really rather silly, everyone a part from our birthday girl of course, who was wearing a gorgeous Sleeping Beauty outfit and even had a birthday cake to match her dress!

It was raining outside so we couldn't play in the garden but we didn't let that ruin our fun and all the children tucked in to their favourite party food with an indoor birthday picnic in the dining room - yummy! Everyone seemed to know, which colour wrapping paper was going to be next in a game of pass the parcel - all except for poor Fairy Bee who couldn't seem to get it right. Fairy Bee is sure that naughty fairy Tinkerbelle who wraps the pass the parcels told her there was going to be purple wrapping paper at some point to match Fairy Bee's beautiful fairy dress!

Thank you for inviting Fairy Dust Events to your special 6th birthday party Ana - we had a fabulous time!

Lots of love and fairy dust
Fairy Bee
x x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Children's Entertainment in Sussex and Surrey since 2000

Children's Birthday Party in Westdene, Brighton: Edward's 4th Birthday Party
Children's Entertainer Fairy Bee was so excited to entertain at Edwards's 4th birthday party!

It was a fairytale extravaganza never to forget! All the children at the party had amazing balloon creations to start the party off - flower and propeller hats were a particularly popular fashion statement! With the disco lights flashing and all Edward's birthday party guests doing their best dancing Fairy Bee was highly impressed with everyones moves and gave out tons of prizes.

Everyone stayed so still during a game of sleeping lions that all the children tricked Fairy Bee into thinking they were having a snooze - she was sure she heard them snoring and everything! At the end of a such a brilliant birthday party everyone even got chance to take home a party bag and a piece of cake, but not just any cake - a piece of a magical fairytale castle cake, which reminded Fairy Bee of one of her favourite castles in fairy land. What a magical party!

Thank you for inviting Fairy Dust Events to your 4th birthday Edward - we had a ball!

Lots of love and fairy dust
Fairy Bee
x x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Children's Entertainment in Brighton and Hove since 2000

The railway runs away with the circus!
Circus Instructors:

I'm not sure that a 'well known rail company' knew what it was getting itself into when it booked one of our Circus Brighton team building circus days! After the rain stopped any outdoor plans we took over the function rooms and brought the circus to town!

There were a few hesitant faces and puzzled looks as we explained what we had in store for them all, but by the end of the day they had all visited the mystery room, become tightrope walking stars, and after being thrown off the balance board a few times and wacked by some poi everyone truely entered into the spirit of the day.

With faces painted they performed in their groups and then battled in teams to finish their circus challenges before the others could win that all important prize.... And to top it all off Circus Brighton performed a special fire show to make for a perfect ending.

So next time you catch the train and see the conductor juggling down the carriage, or your ticket collector balancing on a board behind their counter you'll know why.......

Thanks so much for joining in and making it such a fun day for our instructors - we'll see you again in a few weeks for round two!

Much love
Fairy Dust Events and Circus Brighton

x x x x