March 2012

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Holbrook Club starts the Easter holidays in style
Children's Presenter/Host:
Fairy Lily

When thinking of the special 'Holbrook's Got Talent' challenge of the month Lily was struck with a genius idea, it being Easter an all that jazz wouldn't it be great if she could juggle some eggs? But what if they were to smash on the floor and make a mess?! Hmmmmmm, better get the big boss man Nasty Nigel to sit underneath so as the carpet doesn't get ruined........

The kids were brilliant at the dance moves and Evil Eddie was reluctantly scoring us up the sweet-o-meter when our star jugglers took to the stage to show him their amazing skills, juggling scarves and beanbags getting us 1000 points towards those prize sweets. Not sure Lily thought through juggling those eggs over Nasty Nigel before getting her pay packet...

The crowd was singing, the dance floor was full and dispite Nasty Nigel trying to switch the prizes half way through for bricks we managed to win enough points on the sweet-o-meter to get those sweets, with a special best boy and best girl dancer easter egg also given out, and our balloon friend 'Trevor' being won by the best overall star it was a fun packed evening for all. Just got to keep an eye on that Evil Eddie and Nasty Nigel so they don't get up to their usual tricks...

Holbrook Club Website

St Luke's Earth Hour Parade
Fire Performers:
Lily Lou

Circus Brighton, a section of Fairy Dust Events, was proud as punch to have been invited back again to perform for St Luke's School Earth Hour parade last Saturday. Seeing them off with a fire spin as they marched around the streets reminding the neighbours to switch off their lights, then stealing their live band upon their return to freestyle fire dance to it turned out to be an amazing event! Students and parents could grab a hot beverage and warm themselves by the 'washing machine drum' fires in true festival spirit.

The children had previously decorated their special lanturns and lit up the darkened streets with their parade. Boo and the organisers did themselves proud again this year with a great turnout and the weather held out nicely!

Thanks for inviting us again and hope to see you again next year
Lily and Katie
x x x

Circus Brighton, School of Circus Arts

Click here for more info on Earth Hour

Ethan shows us how it's done!
Disco Bee

Ethan's 7th birthday party in Wivelsfield

Our children's entertainer Bee had a great time on the dance floor with Ethan and all his friends at his fantastic disco birthday party with a JLS twist.

What is that? JLS again? Oh yes, lets get this party started! The disco lights were flashing and JLS were Ethan's requested main music of choice, which kept all the children dancing the whole party through and the grown ups heading for the nearest pub.... Bee lost count of how many best dancer prizes she gave out as everyone in the room threw their best and highly impressive shapes. The party culminated in a piñata bashing session showering everyone with sweets and prizes and the Moshi Monster birthday cake really topped the bill! What a fantastic birthday party and I now can't stop humming 'Beat Again'......

Thanks for inviting Fairy Dust Events to your birthday party Ethan - we had an amazing time :)

Lots of disco love
Disco Fairy Bee
x x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Children's Entertainment for Sussex since 2000

Lola's Fairytastic Mamma Mia party
Children's Entertainer:
Fairy Lily Lou

Fairy Lily was amazed when Lola took to the stage and not only sang but also danced a routine to her favourite Mamma Mia track, Dancing Queen. The crowd roared their appreciation as she took her bow, the perfect ending to an amazing birthday party.

Lola did try and teach Fairy Lily some of her dance moves but she didn't quite get the hang of them, and also got a little muddled as to whether it was Lola or Fairy Lily's birthday party but thankfully all her friends managed to set her straight on that one.

Special treat for lunch was hotdogs and the mountain of cupcakes made all our mouths water for the birthday cake!

Had such a great time thanks for inviting us!
x x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Children's Party Entertainment for Sussex since 2000

Archie and Elsa's 4th party - Robin Hood and Belle come to visit!
Belle and Robin Hood

Our two entertainers Belle and Robin Hood had a great afternoon entertaining the special twins, Archie and Elsa, for their 4th birthday!

With amazing face and hand painting designs for all children as they arrived and with everyone dressed up in their party fancy dress there was even a special photo shoot and a picture for everyone to take home with them at the end of the party.

A birthday boy and a birthday girl equals not one but two birthday cakes! A beautiful Belle birthday cake for Elsa and a Cars birthday cake for Archie. And as well as all that cake everybody had an extra special party bag and helium balloon to take home!

Happy 4th birthday Archie and Elsa and thank you for inviting us to your birthday party.

Bella and 'RH'
x x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Children's Entertainment for Sussex since 2000

Sorrel and Kitty turn 7
Disco Toxi

This weekend I was called to the most wonderful birthday party of Sorrel and Kitty and it was the sparkliest party I have ever been too, all the girls were in the most beautifully sparkly dresses! They looked like princesses. all of them were bright, colourful and enthusiastic and ready to have tons of fun.

After the birthday girls special makeovers we played some parachute games there were balloons flying everywhere! Then some musical silly faces to warm up for the the dance routines and our big show at the end was amazing!

The adults loved watching it and the kids loved performing! They all did so well and came up with some amazing routines.

Was a great day and was such a pleasure to be at Sorrel and Kitty's birthday.

Love Disco Fairy Toxi
x x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Children's Party Entertainment for Sussex since 2000

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Freyja, Isabella and Honor's 6th Birthday Party
Children's Entertainers:
Fairy Bee
Fairy Lily Lou

Not 1, not 2 but 3 birthday girls! Isabella, Freyja and Honor's 6th birthday was a super special party to remember. With fabulous fairy outfits and the biggest pile of birthday presents we've ever seen, Fairy Lily and Fairy Bee had amazing fun doing all their favourite dance routines! Your friends were so fantastic at dancing! So good in fact, that we had to give out a selection of super special prizes to our winners courtesy of the mums.

Special birthday cupcakes were the speciality of the day, and so many gifts for the guests that they had trouble carrying them out the door!

Thanks for inviting us!

Fairy Lily and Fairy Bee
x x x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Children's Entertainment for Sussex since 2000

Eden's Magical Party with a Hello Kitty Twist....

Children's Entertainer:
Fairy Bee

Fairy Bee had a brilliant time today with Eden and all her friends at her special 4th birthday party. The party was at Kirdford Village Hall, West Sussex, and the hall had been decorated with a Hello Kitty theme - there were Hello Kitty balloons, table clothes, plates and even a Hello Kitty cake and party bags!

The best bit of the party was saved for the end when all of the children had a go at pulling string from a Hello Kitty piñata, covering the floor with sweets and special prizes for everyone.

Fairy Bee was also especially impressed with the amazing fairy cakes that Eden's auntie had made...they had real flying fairies on them and were the prettiest she's ever seen.

Thank you for inviting Fairy Bee to your special party - happy 4th birthday Eden!

All my Love
Fairy Bee x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Children's Parties for Sussex since 2000

Leoni turns 6

Children's Entertainers:
Fairy Lily Lou
Fairy Bee

We had a star filled party over with Leoni for her 6th birthday, not only did Sleeping Beauty show but there was Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, Cinderella, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, a race car driver, Mario, HSM cheerleader, a ranger and even Princess Jasmine along with a lot of party people!

However much we told them though Sleeping Beauty would not stop snoring, Cinders refused to sweep the floor and Mario didn't fix the plumbing......but we still had a great time and these stars really know how to bust a move! Even our mini fairy got in on the action and during our last dance of Superman the man himself made a surprise appearance.

Cake made (we think!) by Leoni's very talented Auntie.

Much Love Fairy Bee and Fairy Lily x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Children's Parties for Sussex since 2000

Sleepover Snoozing at Party 3rd March 2012

Children's Entertainers:
Fairy Lily Lou "Sleepy Lily"
Fairy Bee "Snoozy Bee"

The lovely Amber, Isla and Evie's mums had the wonderful idea of having a slumber style party for the children's 5th birthday. Full of ideas of games and activities we hardly had to do a thing in preparation!

With the addition of a special group photo for everyone to take home we had parachute bedsheet games, pass the pillow with sweetie surprises, midnight feast, musical snores and, of course, sleeping lions to name a few. We tried to convince the mum's we'd bought our onsies specifically for the party but I don't think they believed us somehow.....

Check out the amazing cake that one of the mums made!

Much Love
Fairy Bee and Fairy Lily x x

Fairy Dust Events - Specialists in Children's Entertainment for Sussex since 2000