June 2012

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Holbrook Junetastic Family Disco
Once again our children's entertainer Lily took to the dance floor to host Holbrook Club's Family Disco alongside SDK Entertainment on the decks, led by Silent Bob, K..K..K..K..Chloe and even Dragon Tess made a guest appearance!

If it was hot and muggy outside you'd never have known inside our disco as we danced, slid, jumped, twisted and shook our hands to the music so that we could win those sweets off Dragon Tess. We managed to compliment our way to winning some points, proved our dancing skills for more, and even laughed our way through the 'Laughing Policeman' game to eventually hit that jackpot of sweeties.

Great to see you all down there and look forward to seeing you all next month for the end of school special!

Much disco love
x x x

Hawthorns First School Summer Fete
Hair Braider:
Fairy Toxi
Nail Designs:
Fairy Godmother Yvonne

Upon arriving at the school they were looking to the skies with worried faces and we were kindly given a table under a porch just in case of rain. But the sunny fairies won outright as there was lovely sunshine all day!

Children's entertainer and hair braider Fairy Toxi got to work weaving beautifully colourful braids in the girls hair, all the colours of the rainbow to match the very fashionable dresses and outfits everyone was wearing. Then it was time for nails art and our Fairy Godmother Yvonne painted about a million little nails from strawberries and watermelon to aliens and butterflies these guys kept her on her toes, good job she was only painting fingers! Bespoke designs were created to match outfits as one beautiful girl had pink with black spots to match her dress.

Even the boys joined and had their football team colours painted on!

Thanks so much for having us at your fete, we had an amazing time.
Much Love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Sleeping Beauty surprises Lucy at her birthday party in Lindfield
Fairytale Visit from Sleeping Beauty Children's Entertainer.

If you follow our Facebook page you'll know our Sleeping Beauty was up to her normal tricks last weekend in Lindfield, arriving early for her surprise visit she parked the carriage at a nearby park to watch the tennis before sneaking over and entertaining at Lucy's birthday party after the children made a special wish.

The children were amazing at the special magic and all got messy in spaghetti parachute games before having a balloon made just for them and Sleeping Beauty spinning off into the afternoon in a puff of smoke, just keep an eye out in the park as she may have headed back to watch some more tennis.....

Thanks so much to Lucy and her friends for wishing Sleeping Beauty to their party - she had a wonderful time!

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

"Helping" out at CircusSeen
Lily stopped by CircusSeen kids circus class this week to help out as their main teacher, Kate, was away working. CircusSeen were the support act for Poi Passion's recent 'Relight My Fire' show in the Brighton Fringe, although after they'd been out it felt more like we should've been their support act...

Nick was in charge this workshop and they were treated to the video of their show, of which we were treated to cries of 'you only filmed me dropping it' and 'who are you dancing with Nick? Oooooooooh is she your girlfriend?!' (see attached video .....) and 'look, you're on telly, you're famous!' which are much more fun than our initial reactions which were more like, 'maybe I shouldn't wear lycra until I've been on that diet' and 'that was the camera angle surely, I never dropped it.....'

After the show they got down to the serious business of training and were soon whizzing round on unicycles, spinning poi around their heads, working on a new hooping piece and creating a dramatic representation of their day through the medium of circus. Puts my 10 minutes a day "training" to shame really seeing as mine is always followed by throwing things and storming off in a huff when I can't get a new move....

Check out their info over at: CircusSeen Website

Thanks for having me!
Lily x x

Princess Mags and her party kingdom
Fairy Entertainer Fairy Lily Lou was excited to entertain at Mag's 6th birthday party.

The beautiful Princess Mags was dressed as Belle for her 6th birthday party in Cuckfield and was truly the belle of the ball as she made the magic work, chose the party contestants and won prize upon prize for her amazing dancing! As everyone arrived they were treated to a special balloon model, children's entertainer Fairy Lily had been practicing and made tiaras, pirate swords, crowns and lots of other creations for all Mags' guests. Then it was down to the serious business of games and prizes of which Fairy Lily was determined to win but never quite managed to get that prize....

Mag's mum had the party tea all ready in special boxes and the platters of fruit were enormous! She even spotted a few children pinching some of her pineapple and strawberries when they thought she wasn't looking - Mags' has some very cheeky friends!

Thank you so much for inviting Fairy Lily to entertain at your birthday party.

Much Love
x x x

Stella's Gold Glitter Disco
Dance children's entertainers Lily and Toxi were excited to entertain at Stella's disco party.

The room was full of party experts as Lily recognised most of the children from previous parties! After Toxi designed some amazing facepaint designs on everyone we got down to our disco frenzy and were rocking out all the moves in front of the biggest mirror we've ever seen stretching across the entire wall!

Stella and her sister looked incredible in their matching pink tutus and party tops and knew all the dance routines winning about a million prizes. Mum had brought the most adorable mini fairy cupcakes and they just melted in your mouth - now Lily doesn't normally have a cake at parties (got to watch that waistline with the amount of party food around...) but she just couldn't say no to one of these and highly recommends you get down to Angel Food Bakery for your own, that's if Lily hasn't eaten them out of stock... Click here to be taken to cupcake heaven......

Photos were taken home at the end of the incredible party and everyone left with smiles on their faces and icing round their mouths.

Thanks so much for inviting Fairy Dust Events to your party, we had a great time!

Much Love
x x x

Thanks so much for having us at your special

Blakers Park Fete
Circus Performer/Instructor Toxi loved leading the circus skills workshop at Blaker's Park, Brighton.

When Toxi arrived at Blakers Park annual picnic it was in full swing and everyone was making the most of the sunshine! As soon as the circus equipment was set out on the grass Toxi was surrounded by eager circus skills apprentices ready to try out hooping /diabolo /poi and staff, not to mention the pedal racers that require quite a bit of balance! Luckily we were right next to the stage and so got to listen to lots of great music whilst we played.

Busy, busy and so much fun Toxi was sad to wave goodbye to all the new circus stars of Blakers Park!!

Thanks for inviting Fairy Dust Events/Circus Brighton to your event!
x x

Children's party entertainers and circus performers since before I can remember.....

Tinkerbell flies into Essex!
Fairy Entertainer Tinkerbell entertains at Bonnie's 3rd birthday party.

Our Tink flew all the way up to Essex as a special birthday request for Bonnie who turned 3. The wind was blowing a gale so we relocated indoors and had a wonderful time creating magic, dancing, playing with the parachute and winning oh so many prizes. We didn't even notice that a silly pirate had been past and dropped all his gold in the garden until we went out and hunted for that treasure!

After the amazing party tea everyone got special facepaints done, from butterflies to Moshi Monsters, Tinkerbell just didn't know what would be asked next! Thanks so much for inviting us to your birthday party, Tinkerbell had such a great time!

On the way home she sneaked into a shop and bought herself a doughnut as well.....who knew fairies were partial to a Krispy Kreme......

Much love
Fairy Dust Events x

Fairy Party and specialist entertainment for all ocassions

Glittering it up disco style in Hurstpierpoint
Children's entertainer Fairy Bee entertains at a treble birthday party.

Not one, nor two but three birthday girls celebrated their special 7th birthdays together. Katy, Katy and Lily celebrated in true glitter disco style by having sparkle makeovers before their guests arrived. All of the children at the birthday party loved having their hair sprayed a multitude of colours with the most important ingredient being, you guessed it, glitter, glitter and more glitter!

With all that sparkly glitter and the music pumping even some of the grown ups couldn't resist joining in and busting their funkiest moves on the dance floor!

What a fantastic disco, thanks girls for inviting Fairy Dust Events to entertain at your fab and funky disco birthday party!

Much Love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Mia's Fairy Party
Fairy Entertainer Fairy Bee flew in to entertain at Mia's 5th birthday party in Sussex.

Mia's 5th birthday was a children's party to remember! A lovely big hall meant we all had loads of room to run around and practice our best dancing. Fancy dress was a must for everyone and all the children at the party had amazingly creative costumes on from Snow White, to a knight in shining armour, to Rapunzel, to a Power Ranger, to a real life alien with weird fingers and everything - our children's entertainer, Fairy Bee, knew he was going to be good at her scary faces competition!

The fairest costume of them all was obviously our fairy own (see what I did there?) birthday girl Mia! Pink, pink and more pink! What a fabulous 5th birthday party princess Mia - thank you for inviting Fairy Dust Events to entertain at your special party!

Much Love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Jess our Disco Diva in Brighton
Dance children's entertainer Fairy Lily returns for Jess' disco birthday party in Patcham, Brighton.

After arriving early and having to work out where a runaway dog came from Lily was excited to finally get to Jess' spectacular disco as she'd been lucky enough to host her parties for the last few years and they're always amazing fun!

In a very sparkly sequin dress Jess looked the belle of the ball and demonstrated all her new dance moves which won her about a million prizes, poor Fairy Lily just coudn't keep up! Thanks so much for inviting Fairy Lily to entertain at your party - she especially loved the cake in the shape of a huge fairy castle, although she said everyone was too big to fit in it - and she wouldn't let any of the other fairies in Fairyland have any of her slice that Jess was kind enough to give her! So cheeky!

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x

Broadwater WMCC Jubilee Party
Children's entertainer Fairy Lily hosts a Jubilee party in Broadwater, Worthing.

All kitted out in her red, white and blue outfit Lily made her way over to the special children's Jubilee party held at Broadwater Working Men's Club for an afternoon of disco fun!

All the children had bought tickets specially for the the event and were all tucking in to their party food when Lily arrived, and then the fun and games started with parachute activities, musical games, dancing, pass the parcel and so many prizes Lily could barely keep up!

Special thanks to Gracie Mae for her help judging, and to all the hilarious boys and girls that remembered their favourite joke and entertained the adults during our comedy show - and to the amazing impressions during our musical teenager game!

Lily had so much fun she stayed on extra long to make sure everyone had a special balloon before they went home - thanks so much for inviting us to your event.

Here's the link to their Facebook page should you be interested in joining: Broadwater WMCC

Much love
Fairy Dust Events
x x x