January 2015

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Abba Party Facebook Competition Winner!

We couldn't possibly tell you how much fun we had at the Abbatastic party the other week as you'd all be too jealous! The winner of our Facebook competition deluxe party with pantomime and all the trimmings had her party booking and the lucky birthday girl, Imogen, was even the star of the show. With dressing up to start with, Toxi and Lily started a competition to see who could make the largest balloon flower. Lily won by a mile (and I'm not just saying that because it's me typing this!)

Then it was onto the pantomime and we couldn't have asked for a better audience, the kids were amazing and that evil ugly sister has never had so many boo's!!! Party tea time and the cake was as amazing as everyone's outfits, then onto the disco and all the children were given finger lights to dance with - we raved it up to all the Abba tracks and were very sad when it was time to leave.

Congratulations on your party win and we hope you had half as much fun as we did! Check out the cake in the pic - it's no wonder sunglasses were needed......

Fairy Dust Events
Abba themed party and show, Sussex

New Superhero Show!

Cameron was the lucky birthday boy that got to see our new Superhero show for the first time! As Super B and Super L (definately not short for Loser....) took to the stage they discovered someone has stolen the crown jewels, luckily the boys and girls were there to help fill up that Super'o'meter and save the day!

There was even a visit from Darth Vader and Obi Wan - Lily was very excited as she'd only just met a storm trooper at Christmas, this was turning out to be a good year for Star Wars!

Thanks so much for inviting us to perform The Superhero Show at your party - we had a super time!!

Fairy Dust Events
Superhero Party Entertainment, Worthing, West Sussex
(Video clip below)

Malumi Lullaby Release

Lily was so thrilled to be asked to fire dance in Malumi's new video and it's just been released!!

Check out the video below, she even got to keep the pixie ears which she loved!

Fire Dancer - Music Video - Fairytale