February 2015

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New Snow Sisters are Frozen Singalong Show party

By Lily -

After months of rehearsals we were so excited to finally be performing our new Snow Sisters theme singalong show! Isabella was the amazing princess who's awesome mum had booked us to perform it specially at her 5th birthday party.

We were all set up, balloons were being twisted and we love Olaf even popped up playing hide and seek - everyone had fantastic singing voices and wow could they shout and scream as the snow-o-metre lights went on! After the show was a banquet fit for royalty and the children all had great fun with Frosty and Frozen themed games (along with the parachute games, Isabella's favourite!) and as everyone was winning prizes I hid behind the back drop making Isabella a special Elsa balloon model. After finishing it I thought I'd try an Anna one as well and just about finished in time before the end of the party so that they could both be presented to Isabella - phew!

Thanks so much for inviting us along to your birthday party and letting us try out our brand new show, we couldn't have asked for a better audience and Isabella was truly the belle of the ball.

Love and sparkles!
Lily x
Frosty and Frozen themed singalong show party entertainment Eastbourne.

Charlotte's Circus Party

Have we mentioned before how much we love Charlotte?! Upon discovering she is to book us again for her party she decided on a circus theme to be a bit different this year, so the poor Fairy Bee had to step aside as Fairy Lily rushed over to run the party entertainment. She'd heard how amazing Charlotte was and how good the cakes always are - and she wasn't disappointed!

Charlotte's Nan had outdone herself this year with such an incredible Frozen cake we'll be guessing everyone will be wanting one from her now! And Charlotte took to the skills so well we wanted her to runaway with us to the circus! Brilliant performances and everyone put on an incredible show - we're going to have to think hard if we're to top this party next year!

Lily was also reminded she entertained at Charlotte's older sister's party years ago - she is now 17 years old and looked lovely with in her spinning plate hat!!

Thanks so much for having us entertain your circus skills party in Bexhill - we had great fun!

"I just wanted to say that yet again you have surpassed yourselves. Another wonderful party. This is the fourth time that you have been to Charlotte's party and it gets better every year. All of the children loved the circus skills party as it was so different and they had masses of fun. We look forward to next year.

Thank you again, Charlotte is also thrilled to be on your website"

Lucia's Pirate Adventure

Pirate Lily, Hayley and Fairy Helen had such an amazing time at Lucia's pirate adventure party on Sunday in Uckfield, we think we may have broken the world record for amount of balloon swords made in one party!

The pirate gold was won and everyone got stuck into the pirate dances ('All About the Bass' was actually about a pirate, don't you know) and we even threw in some Superman and disco dancing to have a proper Pirate Shindig!

Thanks so much for inviting us to entertain at your pirate party, we can't remember when we had so much fun! There were balloons everywhere, people walking the tightrope, marching like a penguin, doing pirate magic for treasure, passing that parcel that turned into a million 'Mr Tumble Spotty Bags' and groovy dancing fun!

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for Lucia's amazing party on Sunday. She has a superb time and so did her friends thanks to Lily and her helpers. Lots of guests asked for your details and I have passed it on"

Sophia and Olivia's Cold and Frozen Party Adventure

Well, Elsa and Anna were most impressed at the singing and dancing skills at Sophia and Olivia's birthday party! Not just the children but lots of the adults were joining in with the singing and they wished they'd taken more microphones so everyone could have been heard!

The room was covered in the most beautiful Frozen balloons and everything looked perfect from the napkins to the cake, Sophia and Olivia were absolute star judges for all the games and beautiful singers when the Frozen songs came on, and everyone had fun in the snow storm, especially afterwards when they all went skating on the ice rink that Elsa created from the floor!

Thank you so much for inviting Elsa and Anna to your birthday party, they both had an amazing time and couldn't wait to tell everyone all about it back in Arendelle.

Much love!
Fairy Dust Events
Frozen and Snowy children's party entertainment in Banstead, Surrey.

Xander and Etta's Peter Pan Party!

Tink and Pirate Dec arrived in Hove on this sunny Saturday afternoon, (VERY excited as we absolutely love birthday parties!!) No one was there yet except the mum and a friend who were getting everything ready so we started setting up before the birthday twins arrived!

Pirate Dec was blowing up a few balloons (to add to the huge amount that were already there!!) and making balloon models ready to give to the special birthday children and their playmates, and trying to make the place look as magical, colourful and playful as we possibly could! Eventually Xander and Etta arrived looking utterly fabulous in their party gear! (Etta was wearing a gorgeous pink dress and shimmery shoes and Xander looked the coolest of them all in some smart party gear: a blue shirt and jeans!) we greeted our amazing guests straight away - letting them get their first pick of the special hand made balloons. Tink loved Etta's shoes so much that she asked if she could possibly borrow them for the duration of the party and thought it would be a fabulous idea to swap but Etta and her brother somehow didn't quite seem to think that they would fit........... Tink will have to shrink a little bit first!! We gave them both a big high five (for being 5 years old of course!)

Lots of excitable friends started arriving with tons of prezzies that Tink and Pirate Dec kept thinking were for them (but none of the presents had their names on!!!!) the room was getting fuller, the present pile was getting higher, the noise was getting louder and everyone (including Tink!) were trying out all the children's biggest baddest bestest balloon sword fighting moves (and also chasing poor Pirate Dec......) the birthday twins and their guests were so good that Tink temporarily ended up on the floor with her tongue sticking out!! But she managed to survive enough to get the party started. Everyone looked utterly fabulous jn all their party gear - one boy even had FLASHING shoes!! (Which again, no one seemed to think would fit either Tink or Pirate Dec..... Tink was very jealous as definitely thought it would have been a good idea to swap!)

There were lots of people there - the birthday twins seem to be even more popular than Tink and Pirate Dec put together! The party started rolling into gear - Tink and Pirate Dec were very impressed with the amount of magic words everyone knew! Especially the one that Xander and Etta came up with together.......... *drumroll*................ "Abracadabra-magic-BOOM!" We had never heard of that one before so thank you to the birthday twins for teaching us a new one!! Everyone was so magical and very very good at shouting all the magic words out (so loudly that even some of the grown ups started to join in!) Tink then got out Peter Pan's very very very very special sleeping bag..... Wait, no! Silly Tink! Of course, everyone reminded her that it is in fact Peter Pans magic PARACHUTE! There will be no snoring at this party! Everyone was fabulous at shaking the parachute as hard as they possibly could, and Etta, Xander and their friends were amazing at all the games! Tink and Pirate Dec had never seen anyone hold into so many balloons!! Etta was so magical she even managed to catch one with her hair and Xander caught one under his armpit!! Tink and Pirate Dec definitely aren't as talented as this bunch! After all that fun Tink had a big secret to tell everyone....... So we all went under the parachute to prevent any grown up people from hearing!!

Tink had brought with her today lots of yummy treats to win as prizes.... (So yummy that she and Pirate Dec may have eaten one or two or sixteen on the way here...) And boy was it hard to choose who to give them to! Everyone was going for gold with their amazing dance moves and silly faces when the music stops! In fact they were SO good, Tink and Pirate Dec just couldn't decide. We had to bring out Pirate Dec's pet parrot called 'squawk' who was desperate to go out and give some prizes. We had some amazing super cool break dancing floor moves from some of the boys, and incredible spinning and jumping and fancy footwork from the girls! Amazing group dancing too! Even Squawk found it tricky to choose at one point! We then moved onto musical bumps because they were getting too good at musical silly faces. Tink tried joining in and dancing with everyone as 'shake it off' by Taylor swift is her favourite at song in the whole world at the moment and she just couldn't keep her feet still! (but shhhhhh don't tell her.... She was definitely no way near as good!) we had some very quick contestants (even though Tink always thought she was the quickest at sitting down on the floor and that she should win all the prizes - Pirate Dec, his trusty accomplice Squawk and all the talented birthday children didn't seem to agree!) for the last few rounds Pirate Dec and Sqawk brought out some 'treasure' (in a yummy form of chocolate coins and and colourful wrapped chocolate gems!) to win for the last couple of rounds - seeing as everyone was so good!! Considering everyone was very hot and sweaty from such dazzling dance moves - the room suddenly started to get slightly chilly. Tink and Pirate Dec remembered that they had checked the weather forecast before they left and it was definitely due to snow! So we all said some magic words to make it hurry up slightly, and sure enough it started to snow during our 'let it go' sing a long!!! The children were so magical!! We had some fantastic singers who are definitely destined to be pop princes and princesses who were belting away all the words into Tink's microphone!! Captain Dec and Tink were very impressed indeed and wanted to take everyone back to Neverland with them to show Peter Pan and Tiger Lily how amazing they all are. But the time had flown by sooo quickly that unfortunately it was time for Pirate Dec to get back to Captain Hook's ship and Tink needed to get back to check that Peter Pan and the lost boys weren't getting up to too much mischief without her!! But first they wanted a big photo to remember the amazing party by. So everyone lined up with our amazing Xander and Etta in the middle, and everyone flashed the cameras their biggest most sparkly smiles in the whole widest world! (There may even have been a few silly face photos too.....) before everyone lined up behind our fabulous birthday twins ready to lead us all to the table for the birthday tea. The birthday cupcakes looked amazingly yummy and chocolately!! Tink, Pirate Dec and Squawk were very jealous they didn't have time to stay and gobble some of them up!

They waved their goodbyes, hugged their birthday hugs, thanked Xander and Etta so much for inviting them, sprinkled lots of magic fairy dust before setting off second star to the right and straight on til morning for their trip back to never land.

Thanks so much for inviting Tinkerbell and Pirate Dec to your birthday party!

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Peter Pan parties in Hove, Sussex

(By Louisa)