Fairy Dust Events |  FAQ's


We've tried to cover the most frequently asked questions below, please feel free to contact us if you have any further queries or wish to book. Many thanks!

Q. How far in advance should I book?
A. Our Fairy Dust Events Fairies get booked up quite quickly in advance - for example 2 or 3 months ahead can be booked solid. However it is worth contacting for short notice as sometimes we have timeslots available at late notice.

Q. What's a CRB certificate and why should I care if you have one?
A. Now called a DBS certificate previously CRB - is a Criminal Record's Bureau Certificate and is a legal record that shows any fines or prosecutions against an individual so that we can check they're not a threat to children and/or vulnerable adults. Although it's not a legal requirement for entertainers to have one, we think it should be and make sure all our performers and entertainers are DBS/CRB certified and clear of any related prosecutions. Always make sure your entertainer has a DBS/CRB certificate and ask to see a copy. All schools and organisations will require to see this and we have copies of all our entertainers, should you wish to view them just ask.

Q. Do you travel outside of Sussex?
A. Yes, but I'm afraid we have to add set travel costs to cover the extra fairy dust needed to get us there, however we are still competitively priced even with the additional charge! Please contact us for more details.

Q. Do you do parties in London?
A. London is an extra travel cost on top of the normal party price as mentioned above. You would also be liable for any congestion charge and parking due to the amount of special equipment our entertainers have to carry for our parties.

Q. What happens if my child is shy?
A. The children can participate in as much or as little of the party as they wish. Some children love getting up and doing it all, whereas others prefer to watch. Although we always try to include the birthday child in everything sometimes they prefer to delegate one of their friends to do it first...just in case. However we normally find most birthday children are fully participating by the end. Contact us if you are worried your child might be scared at first and we can discuss what can be done.

Q. Can I invite boys to a fairy party?
A. Of course! Sometimes people like to have a 'Pirates and Princesses' theme to really include the boys but it doesn't matter if you just call it a Fairy Party, they'll be just as happy to participate in the magic, games and even dancing (when they realise there are prizes to be won!). However we suggest you keep the party majority girls as this tends to work best, we all know how much young boys like to skid across the floor and play fight with their mates if there are too many of them!

Q. How many children should I invite?
A. If having the party in a hall the maximum number of children is stated next to the party description. If having at home please remember in most of our parties the children need to be able to sit in a circle so even if the maximum stated is 30 we don't recommend more than 15 for that type of party in the smaller spaces. If you wish to invite more that stated (we do school discos for over 100 children) there is just an added charge due to the extra prizes and amp and entertainer needed. You don't need to include children under 3 in your count as they won't really be participating.

Q. Do you do the food/party bags/pinata/decorations/cake/photos etc?
A. At an extra cost we can provide party bags and pinatas as well as a variety of themed gifts. We can also arrange for most requests as we have many contacts in the business so contact us with your requirements. Check out our new shop!

Q. Will every child get to win at Pass the Parcel?
A. No. In our experience having a wrapping for every child takes too long and the children get bored too quickly. However I do bring ample prizes and there hasn't been a situation yet where a child has left a party empty handed!

Q. My child is only 3, can I book you?
A. We now have specialist parties for the under 4's so just click on the link to get an idea of the party styles!

Q. Can I invite boys to the Glitter Disco?
A. Yes. However these parties do work best if it's majority girls (and we really mean MAJORITY and not a 60/40 split!) This is just so the birthday girl can get the most out of the party - unfortunately as boys get a little older most dislike dancing so we have to cut certain aspects out and replace with other games if there are too many boys.

Q. What happens if you're ill and can't make it?
A. We have many experienced entertainers working for Fairy Dust Events so usually there is someone ready to take the place of your entertainer. If the drastic happens (and, erm, Brighton gets quarantined?!?!) we'll always do our best to book you another entertainer and cover the cost if they are more expensive.

Q. Can you recommend a good therapist?
A. Mine is fantastic! No seriously though, we completely understand how stressful it is to organise a party for your child. What with the hall availability and finding a recommended entertainer and the invites, food, party bags, guest list, what happens if parents stay/don't stay, will they want feeding, vegetarians, allergies etc? There are so many things to be considered at least by booking a Fairy Dust Events party you know it comes highly recommended and we'll take the children off your hands for the WHOLE party (if you book the two hour party). The only time you'll need to be in charge is the short time they'll be eating and we do try to help out as much possible here too!

Q. Can you bring vegetarian/vegan/non nutty sweets?
A. Just let us know if you have any requests like the above and we'll be able to provide alternatives.

Q. Do the children have to dress up?
A. No, only if they want to. we can also provide fairy dresses and dressing up clothes if requested.

Q. What is a pinata?
A. A relatively new item in Britain they are a colourful cardboard character (fairies, pirates, handbag, see the specific section on the left for more characters) that gets filled with sweets and the children must hit with a stick to watch the poor character break and all the sweets fall out. Fun for young and old, as everyone wants a go at whacking! I provide these already full of sweets and with a whacker (I never find the blindfold necessary as the pinata's can be quite tough). If ordering/having a pinata at your party and you know there'll be very young children about PLEASE make sure these children are watched whilst the game is being played!

Q. What are your prizes?
A. Mostly sweets, lollies, Haribo, chocolates. Occasionally we bring eye patches, bracelets and other novelties as prizes.

Q. Photos on this site - can I copy them?
A. Not without our permission I'm afraid, if you have spotted a photo you don't think should be up here please let us know but we do try and get as much permission as we can for the use of our special pics however there is so much red tape around photographs of children we're probably going to have missed something at some point so please just let us know and we'll take it straight down.

Q. Are you real fairies?
A. Of course we are, stupid.