December 2013

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Tis the Season
It was like a totes amazeballs December and you'd be well jel of all the fun we had! Apart from being made to watch 'that' TV show by beloved family members....

To start with all our rehearsing made for an amazing show with the Sea Gypsies at their Vampire Ball (these things are becoming more and more popular as it's our second in as many weeks!) although we had to change the choreography just before going on as we discovered there wasn't quite enough room for some of the moves - which led to a few wobbly moments but hopefully the audience didn't pick up on. We were very close and a few people in the front row were seen to shuffle backwards as our scary choreography worked a treat!

Then there was the Holbrook Christmas special which Lily compered up a storm - the carol singing competition half way through got everyone in the festive spirit although the floating presents were slightly disconcerting. Harry and Toxi you were both missed but Lily and her Holbrook posse managed to charm Dragon Tess into setting that sweet-o-meter off and everyone got a present!

Mixed in amongst the Christmas parties (apologies to Father Christmas for Fairy Lily parking in your way at the Wishing Tree Nursery Party and meaning your reindeer had to park up the road) were lots of fun birthday parties as usual with a special seasonal twist (more chocolate!).

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year - hope to party with you all in 2014!