August 2012

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Hooping Holbrook
Once again our children's entertainer Fairy Lily led the kids of the Holbrook Club to sweetie success at an amazingly spectacular Family Disco. Not only did the children manage to hoop for over a minute but two stars astounded the audience with their plate spinning skills to win us those all important sweets!

We had Nasty Nigel keeping an eye on things, whilst Evil Eddie and Horrible Harry were spinning the tracks on our disco. I should introduce our DJ's now as I don't think I have before, Evil Eddie is a moonlight DJ when he's not being a secret agent, although that's a secret so keep schtum. Horrible Harry is a 13 year old superstar (14 in April...) who is studying under the watchful eyes of Nasty Nigel, and sneaks sweeties when no-one is watching. And please note it's 'H'orrible 'H'arry and not 'orrible 'arry as one of Lily's dancing pals corrected..... Harry claims no responsibility for any current 'Harry' stories in the news either.......

So the time came for Holbrook's Got Talent and Lily performed a few moves on the hoop before the real stars came up and managed to hoop for 1 whole minute to win us more sweets, on top of our spinning plate stars AND the now famous Jenny on reception (who had been set up by a lovely work colleague) we managed to storm our way into the lead. Jenny politely declined staying for the dancing, they must've been busy on reception.....

And what were the special prizes for best boy and best girl dancer? A holiday abroad? New car? Drinks at the bar?! Oh, no, no, no, Lily had some glow sticks she'd 'borrowed' from Fairy Bee's recent wedding and the lucky winners snapped those sticks into action and raved the rest of the night away.

Great fun and looking forward to entertaining at the next action packed adventure at the Holbrook Club - see you there next time!!

Link to future events at the Holbrook Club

Much Love
Fairy Dust Events
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Mermaid Party
Children's entertainer Mermaid Toxi arrived and was so excited to see tables set with fish bowls in the middle she wanted to dive in for a swim! There were beautiful green glass bottles with straws to drink out for the little mermaids, princesses and princes we all felt like we were partying at the bottom of the ocean.

The room was expertly decorated with fish garlands, shark watermelon sculpture full of juicy watermelon and berry's as well as wine for the mums and dads (smiles all round).

The beautiful Bella, the birthday girl, was wearing a shimery red mermaid costume and all the children had their faces painted whilst playing musical fish and a million other games, you could say we all had a 'whale' of a time.....

The mums have set up an amazing party decor business so for more information on this have a look at: Platforms and Jam Jars Website

Thanks so much for inviting us to entertain at your undersea adventure party!
Much Love
Fairy Dust Events
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Fairy Bee marries a pirate
Our children's entertainer Fairy Bee has tied the knot in a beautiful hand tying ceremony on Sunday 19th August and all the fairies were there to witness her big day.

Fairy Toxi was chief photographer, our Fairy Godmother facepainted and Fairy Lily was even a bridesmaid, as well as making sure it all ran smoothly - she just can't help but organise!

Fairy Bee's 50's themed wedding was jam packed with circus skills, a special hoop performance by our Fairy Lily and Fairy Katie, stilt walking Elvis by Fairy Lily's pirate husband (poor chap always gets dragged into something!), a surprise first dance choreographed by Fairy Lily (you could tell....), jive lessons and dancing, select your own track jukebox and so much fun and cake we all had an amazing time! With Fairy Lily last year and our Bee this year who's turn will it be next?!